Poster for charity football match in Italy 2007 - A job for the Dealer of light advertising boxes. They needed very fast design just as showcase for their product to Beck's company. I photoshopped Heineken's ad and made similiar one for Beck's beer. Click to see next image which presents original ad. This work makes me very proud. In the 2000 I've started local advertisment newsletter which very fast became the number one issue of that type in that part of Belgrade. It gave me a possibility to creativly express and also gave me 'a ticket' to many other things like later jobs, many contract between me and clients for making company's printing stuff, catalogues, calendars etc. All the time, every month, all clients were satisfied and there was no complains. Publishing this paper gave me idea to try the same thing in other city - Pozarevac. More about this, see Status project. The brench of BG Oglasi. It was published in Pozarevac (a town near Belgrade). There were 14 issues in almost two years, but due my living in Belgrade, I had to stop with this. After me, there were few other companies tried to restart the publication, but not so successful Poster for Serbo-Italian Easter Party My ideas for contest for designing the layout of an economy magazine. The contest was to make a front page, a logo, to create the name of the magazine and create few pages of the inside layout. Poster for the month dedicated to Emir Kusturica's movies in Merano, Italy 2009 - Company profile done for the biggest serbian gas supplyier. It was made in five colors (CMYK + silver) and with the inlay for disc on the last page. Poster for the Night of Serbian Potery 2010 - Nice-looking mockup for the menu of one of most famous Belgrade restoraunt 
The B-Side was the band where I played bass guitar. This was a poster for our first concert. Entrance cost 100 dinars and I made parody to our one-hundred dinar banknote just to attract people's attention. Later, it showed like right move. Many people came that night. We played Hole's covers and I put Courtney Love's on the bill instead of the famous scientist Nikola Tesla. Also I used the same font like they used on the first album. Watermark was also on the righ place. 2005 - Another band where I played. We had an demo recordings so I decided to make an album cover. Because we played something between grunge and punk with large dose of joking, I made a cover which was a parody to Nirvana's Nevermind and Sex Pistols's first LP. The faces of the members of the band replaced the faces of diving babies. Since I am also interested in video editing and producing,. I like to make DVD Video Disc covers and onscreen menus for videos I took or made. Update soon... Birthday Gift for a Friend (2006) Emily the Strane Mug (2007) Funny advertisement for mobile phone service. Done in comic style, in interesting way describe the services like installing Serbian lanugage, selling memory cards, flashing the memory, repairs etc Comic-like flyer for the cultural and friendly event in Arzegano, Italy. One of my favorite. (2009) 
2006 - Famous Serbian Academy. Always strictly defined, but opened for suggestion and variations. They needs clean and not aggresive design done in their 2 defined color - greys and brown. Label for the mineral water (2009) Poster for the Serbo-Italian organization SKZ Merano Thanksgiving Certification for the best workers on Railways of Serbia (2010) Newspaper ad (2007) On the 9th October 2007 my girlfriend celebrated her birthday. What to do to be unique? Then I've just started to go on some school of painting and decided to do something using my painting skills. Making the simple portrait was too simple. I wanted something more complicated. So, I painted the face (using my Wacom write table) and put it on the big watch mechanism. Pay attention on hour numbers. It hides the date. Fandjo (2008) - Advertisement Collection 2008 - Bosko Buha is an elementary school in Belgrade. They asked me to do a calendar and at the same time picture frame for the group and for the personal photo. I left opened Photoshop file with layers to enable inserting photos behind the elements. 2008 - Flyer done for famous fashion studio for their collection Fitline which represent symbiosis of nature and fashion. I had to clean the background of all these models and that was the hardest part of the job. Their hair was too curly and very hard to extract from the colorful environment. But using the channels, masks and large amount of patience it was done. After that all I had is to put the girls on a 'sport' floor and create the form. 2007 - Another fitness studio. Little bigger than the previous one. With complete programme and the description of the classes. Here's the 2 versions of their magazine ads. A small flyer for a new-opened gym in Belgrade The biggest phone and computer seller in Pozarevac (a town near Belgrade) which I want to emphasize because their marketing office was always opened to non-standard design ideas, like a mobile which was made of parts of (in that time) popular phone models, or cyber girl (made in Poser, then edited in 3D Studio MAX) with ideal proportions with message 'Astonishing perfect line of mobile phones'. When they started selling computers I made them an ad which combined some mobile phone and with computer keyboard, DVD-ROM, Floppy, Power button and Monitor display. 
Page 1 Same company and designs for their calendars 
Gucha is an ethno festival dedicated to the Serbian sounds played on trumpet. It's also known by extreme quantity of alcohol drinks during the fetival. I made promotional badges for this occasion. There are some of it made for festival in 2006. Another tuning company and their B1 calendar for 2006. 2005 - The one-color flag done for car show. 2006 - German tuning company and their Christmas promotion for sending by e-mails A Serbian fishing day in Italy and the base design for that event A shop in Belgrade. They needed a big panel for their show-window. They gave me some very amateur made pictures to advertise their selling products. And they gave me lots of them. And, of course, they wanted them all on the panel. I made 2 different variations - green and red. They accepted the green one. Before printing these posters, I made a preview to let them see how it will look in the end. Poster for charity event Informational flyer for beauty studio in Belgrade (2009). Packaging which follows a plenty of amendmends in the specification which I get from the Serbian pharmaceutical distributor. We're successfully working on every new product they release in last 4 years. During the period from 2005 to 2009 I've been working on the montly magazine Sedmerac which was the official release of Serbian Handball Union. The magazin consisted of many statistics, news and retrospective of previous seasons. Many photos in magazine are old over 20-30 years and needs lot of repairing. Here is the few examples of cover and inside pages. Magazine has stopped being published after 40 years by economic crises. Catalogue for Sport Auto Style 2006 Catalogue for Sport Auto Style 200 Flyer for the new product for Mini During our cooperation, we done many promotional material like this car sticker. Some web banner for the same company This is my volunteer project for the kids magazine published for the children who live in Kosovo. I had to stick always to the original template, but I'm glad I did it, even it's not looking completely as I want to look Happy New Movie Year Promotional banner for 3 in 1 discount for the Shiva Automotive car tuning company Same company and promotional Easter discounts Web Invitation to 10th Annyversary Very provocative advertisement. Use the Tyres is the main message, but tyres in Serbian also means condom. Regarding to that, I made combination of these two. React Promptly - The message for campaign for their lights line Poster for the another discount ...and another campaign Winter season discounts advertisement for car seller Nice banner Catalogue made for carparts seller Several banners made for Shiva-Automtive car-tuning company Invitation to the Night of the Serbian Poetry (Italy, 2009) 2010 - Biography book for the legendary Yugoslavian handball player Andra Banjanin. Memorial service sheet Several marketing works for the fasion company in Belgrade Milsped is one of the leading logistic company in the Balcan region. In the studio where I worked we designed all their promotional materials. This album represents a few mockups for paper bags Outside covers for the catalogue I've designed for agrobusiness company in Serbia USAID (2008) - The Look of two pages for their prospect. Some of my image manipulation of myself. Yes, I know it's kind a dark, but I really had to try to do something like this OK, this one looks spooky, too, but this is my experiment with Droste effect I really like to do experiments with panorama photography. This one is actually made from real 360 degree panorama and at the end converted to 'little planet' style May I multiply myself. Of course, with Photoshop Return to my main site